Museums and Heritage of the Richmond Valley

The Richmond Valley is rich in history and celebrates its heritage through the vast array of museums in the region.

Learn about the early days of our villages and the events that shaped the towns to what they are today. Read about the involvement of our towns during the second world war, or the importance of the fishing industry that once flourished on the coast. Discover the early farming days and the importance of exporting products via the mighty Richmond River.

Our region is steeped in history and with the wonderful resources and our dedicated volunteers, you will be sure to not be disappointed with our informative and engaging museums

Art Culture and Heritage

Public art in the Richmond Valley has developed the ‘blank spaces’ around the region and transformed them into creative places. 

Museums of the Northern Rivers Brochure

MUSEUMS OF THE NORTHERN RIVERS stretch from the Tweed to the Clarence, extending west to Kyogle. Supported and run by volunteers, these museums offer a rich and diverse window into the region’s history.

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