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Bird Trails of Richmond Valley

Welcome to birdwatching around Richmond Valley Council area (RVC).
Richmond Valley Council area lies within the lands of the Bundjalung Nation who are the acknowledged traditional custodians of this land.
The RVC region covers an area of almost 3,051 square kilometres and stretches about 85 km inland from the coast at Evans Head to the foothills of the Great Dividing Range. Like other Northern River areas it is an overlay between tropical and temperate ecosystems known as the Macleay – McPherson Overlap; a region known for its extremely high biodiversity made possible by its landscape & climate. It is the southernmost limit for many tropical species as well as being the northernmost limit for many temperate species. The region comprises mountain bushland, dry & subtropical rainforest, hilly scrubland, timber country & grazing land, floodplains with sugarcane and tea tree stands, wetland & swamp to coastal heath, rocky headlands & dunal systems.

Significantly, much of the RVC area lies within the Richmond River floodplain with numerous freshwater lagoons scattered throughout the area. The dry sclerophyll woodlands to the west of Casino provide the best opportunity for observing dry woodland birds in our area. However, most of the floodplain is privately owned, restricting birdwatching to road-side habitats.
These coast to hinterland habitat niches add up to provide food, shelter, roosting & breeding needs for a great variety of birds & so is a wonderful area for birdwatchers to explore.
The brochure provides information on 23 locations & a list of known bird species (nearly 330) which have been recorded in the RVC area. Some vagrant & rare birds have been excluded from the list & only a small selection of birds sighted at each location has been provided. Many of the bird species listed may be viewed in suitable habitat & in the right season at multiple
sites. A definitive list can be downloaded from the BBB website. While birdwatching, remember to dress appropriately & always protect yourself against sunburn & insect bites. A pair of binoculars & a good field guide or Bird App of Australian Birds will undoubtedly enhance your experience.

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