Distance: Up to 24 kilometres return
Duration: Up to 6 hours return
Best time to launch: When the water level in the Richmond River at Casino is between 0.6 and 0.9 metres. Gauge readings can be found on the Bureau of Meteorology website. This part of the Richmond River is not tidal.
Start/finish: Boat ramp, McDonald Park, Fergusson Street, Casino – GPS: 28°51’28.7″S 153°01’30.7″E. There is a picnic table and lawn in the park but no other facilities.
Parking: On dirt and grass near the ramp.
Toilets: Closest are at Casino railway station on Canterbury Street in Casino.

Between Jabour Weir and Cookes Weir, the Richmond River follows a 12 kilometre peaceful winding path through casuarina and callistemon decorated banks. These set the scene for a brilliant day on the water. Jabour Weir has a fishway that allows bass, mullet, eel, herring, and gudgeon to pass. Hungry birds know the fish are here so it isn’t unusual to see white-bellied sea-eagles, herons, and cormorants in the area. Turtles and platypus are other locals you might encounter. Both are shy and not easy to spot but if you are quiet and alert, you could be treated to magical moments you will never forget. Jabour Weir is 1 kilometre to the left of the ramp as you look at the water and Cookes Weir is 11 kilometres to the right. Most people head towards Cookes Weir but it is worth taking a look at Jabour Weir at least once. If you don’t think you can make it all the way to Cookes Weir, several beaches along the way offer lovely alternative destinations.

Safety note: Jabour Weir is 3 metres high so please make sure to remain at a safe distance.

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