Distance: 10 kilometres return
Duration: 2.5 hours return
Best time to launch: 2 hours before high tide at Evans River – Highway Bridge
Start/finish: Informal ramp, Golf Links Road, Woodburn – GPS: 29°05’52.5″S 153°22’02.9″E.
Parking: On dirt and grass near the ramp.
Toilets: Closest are in Riverside Park on River Street, Woodburn.

The entrance to Brandy Arm Creek is visible from the Golf Links Road ramp. It is on the opposite side of the Evans River and slightly to the left. That is where you are headed first. The navigable length of Brandy Arm Creek is around 1.5 kilometres. It is known for its bream and white-bellied sea-eagles can often be seen scanning the water for their next meal. To explore Tuckombil Canal, turn left after you return to the Evans River from Brandy Arm Creek or go to the right from the Golf Links Road ramp. Tuckombil Canal is an artificial canal which links the Evans River estuary with the Richmond River estuary via Rocky Mouth Creek. It was constructed to help drain floodwaters from the Richmond River. There is a weir at the top end of the canal around 3.5 kilometres from the start that is designed to manage the flow. If you would like to float on the water beyond the weir, please see our guide for Woodburn and Broadwater.

Safety note: Please do not try to climb over the weir or carry your equipment around it because this could cause injury.

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