Distance: 24 kilometres one way
Duration: 6 hours one way
Best time to launch: Same time as low tide at Swan Bay .
Start: Old Swan Bay Ferry ramp, Old Ferry Road, Swan Bay – 29°03’17.8″S 153°18’50.9″E.
Finish: Moonem Boat Ramp, Bungawalbin-Whiporie Road, Bungawalbin – GPS: 29°05’50.2″S 153°12’59.6″E.
Parking: On grass beside road at the start. On dirt in an informal parking area at the finish.
Toilets: Closest to start are on the corner of Woodburn-Coraki Road and River Street in Woodburn. Closest to finish are at Coraki boat ramp on Richmond Terrace in Coraki.

The distance between the Old Swan Bay Ferry ramp and the Moonem boat ramp makes a return trip difficult for most people. That means a vehicle needs to be left at the finishing point before you start i.e. a car shuttle is required. Paddle to the left after launching to go upstream on the Richmond River. The entrance to Bungawalbin Creek is on the left at the second right hand bend in the river, around 5 kilometres from the start. Turn into that and then go left again after you pass under the Woodburn-Coraki Road bridge. The waterway to the right here is Sandy Creek. From this point on, simply stay on the main path until you reach Moonem Boat Ramp. Bungawalbin Creek is wonderfully peaceful and when the tide is on your side you can almost feel the serenity sinking into your cells. Birdlife is abundant, particularly in Yaringully Nature Reserve, where you might even be lucky enough to see a regent bowerbird fly across your path.

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